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Children's Science Books from NY Times 5/10/09

Art-Science Fusion and Darwin's Face at Davis

Junk mail and trash associated with science

Good science education resource: HHMI Cool Science

Do not fall for SPAM pretending to be from Elsevier

Fun at Novozymes in Davis

Got phylogeny?

Very strange "permission" form to use my name in a story

Is it a faux pas to wear the same T-shirt as another professor when you like the shirt?

New Web Resource on Evolution ... EvolverZone

Must reading for those interested in Open Science - Michael Nielsen on "Doing Science in the Open"

Open Access Pioneer Award: Bob Shafer HIV DB

Elsevier, fake medical journals, and yet another reason for #openaccess

Tour of California moving to May for 2010

Research council of UK gives additional thumbs up for open access publishing

Public Lecture on Population Genomics at Davis Today

Public Lecture at Davis Today - Chuck Langley on "Population Genomics"

Morgan Price - Pushing the Frontiers of Genomics

Seeking information on undergraduate programs/majors in genomics and/or genome biology?

Francis Collins Launches Biologos - a strange re-working of theistic evolution

Worst new omics word award: ethomics

Worst new omics award: ethomics

Oops. Seems like Davis, CA does not have the swine flu, yet.

Should evolutionary biologists "debate" creationists/ID advocates?

More on Swine Flu in Davis from the Davis Enterprise.

GIS mapping of bike accidents in Davis

Swine Flu Hits Davis?

Swine Flu Hits Davis?

Open Access Pioneer Award: Rick Prelinger, Image Access